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Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council

The Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council facilitates a rapid, coordinated response to the mortgage foreclosure crisis affecting the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The council collaborates with numerous private and public partners.

The Council is:

  • Acquiring, rehabilitating and disposing of foreclosed-upon properties
  • Developing innovative financing products that serve a wide range of borrowers
  • Funding and implementing policies that address foreclosure
  • Taking action against predatory lending
  • Collecting and analyzing data to provide information to community leaders and the public
  • Providing foreclosure counseling
  • Working to enhance educational campaigns
  • Working with lenders to create new financing and refinancing options for homeowners in trouble
  • Working to communicate and respond quickly to safety concerns regarding remediation
  • Acquiring gap funding from Minnesota Housing to support foreclosure remediation
  • Advocating for property donations so community based organizations can redevelop them quickly and affordably