Scattered Site Rental Toolkit:

Business Planning for Development & Management











SSR Toolkit Index


I.        Introduction:  Welcome to the Toolkit

A.    Why This Toolkit at This Time?

B.    Purpose of the Toolkit

C.    Business Planning Overview

D.   Making the Conceptual Sale

E.    Resources

F.    Templates & Examples

G.   Acknowledgements

II.      Mission & Goals: What Do You Seek to Accomplish?

A.    Aligning Program Design with Vision and Mission

B.    Goals Should Drive Design

C.    Table: Review of Common Agency Goals

Business Planning Worksheets: Mission and Goals


III.    Neighborhood:  Where & When Should I Develop Units?

A.    Understanding How Market and Neighborhood Characteristics Drive Activity Design

B.    Neighborhood Selection: Contributing to Stabilization and Revitalization

C.    Assessing Regional and Neighborhood Markets and Circumstances

D.   Property Selection and Acquisition Strategies

E.    Table of Neighborhood Types, Characteristics, and the Role of SSR Development

Business Planning Worksheets: Neighborhood

IV.     People:  Whom Do You Seek to Serve?

A.    Understanding Target Renter Profiles

B.    Serving Special Populations

C.    Attracting Quality Tenants: Using Preferences and Unit Design as Marketing Tools

D.   Providing or Connecting Tenants with Services to Build Family and Neighborhood Stability

E.    Example of Tenant Services Provided by Beyond Housing, Inc.

Business Planning Worksheets: People

V.       Product:  What Will You Develop?

A.    Producing a Marketable and Durable Unit

B.    Approaches to Producing and Managing Scattered Site Rental Projects

C.    Rehabilitation or New Construction?

D.   Lease Purchase or Traditional Rentals?

Business Planning Worksheets: Product


VI.     Financing:  How Will You Pay for It?

A.    Financial Feasibility Analysis

B.    Fitting the Funding to the Project

C.    Planning for Adequate Development and Operating Costs

Business Planning Worksheets: Financing

SSR Development Proforma Example (Excel)

SSR Development Proforma Template (Excel)


VII.   Management:  Who Will Do What Work?

A.    The Work to be Done

B.    In-House or Third-Party Property Management?

C.    Asset Management

D.   Mission –Based Property & Asset Management

E.    Management Planning

F.    Property Management Software Options

Business Planning Worksheets: Management

SSR Ongoing Management Spreadsheets Example (Excel)  

SSR Ongoing Management Spreadsheets Template (Excel)



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