Scattered Site Rental Toolkit:

Business Planning for Development & Management










B. Purpose of the Toolkit:  Business Planning for SSR

SSR Toolkit Format

  1. Web–Based Toolkit: this Toolkit was written as an accessible online guide. If you are viewing the printed format, consider also using the web-based Toolkit available on the NeighborWorks® America website at
  2. Step-By-Step Business Planning: Each chapter ends with business planning worksheets that together make up a complete business plan for SSR.
  3. Customizable Tools and Templates: Throughout the Toolkit you will find templates in Microsoft Word and Excel format to help you plan your SSR program and projects.
  4. Links to Extensive Resources:
    a. Sample Document
    b. Publications
    c. Useful Web-Based Guides
Developing and managing SSR projects is an undertaking fraught with risks for your organization.  If improperly planned or managed, SSR can be a severe drain on a CDC’s resources. Nevertheless, SSR can be done successfully with thorough planning and execution. To support a thoughtful, thorough approach, NeighborWorks America has created this SSR Toolkit for the following purposes:

1.   Help you build a thorough Business Plan to manage the details of: 


·      Mission and Goals:  Why are you entering into SSR?

·      Neighborhood:  Know your market and let it drive strategy and design

·      People:  Whom do you seek to serve?

·      Product:  What will you build?  What units will attract target renters?

·      Financing:  How will you pay for development and operations?

·      Management:  How will you cultivate organizational capacity to get it built, to manage the property, and to manage the asset long-term?


2.   Help you use the Business Plan to “Make the Conceptual Sale.”    You must make the case to your board, neighborhood stakeholders, local government subsidy providers, and other funders that SSR development and management makes sense in terms of mission and finances.


3.   Connect you to the substantial resources already in existence.


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