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I.E. Scattered Site Rental Resources

Considerable resources already exist for Scattered Site Rental development and management.This Toolkit seeks to organize them in an easily consumed online format.Following are the publications, training materials, and tools that shaped this Toolkit.

Overall SSR Program Design & Implementation

Stabilizing Neighborhoods Impacted by Concentrated Foreclosures: SSR Housing Challenges and Opportunities (2009) by Ivan Levi; published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University and NeighborWorks†††

Developing and Managing Scattered-Site Rental Housing: A Complete Overview of the Skills and Finances Needed to Run a Successful Program (1999) by Matt Perrenod, published Enterprise Community Partners. percent20 percent26 percent20Asset percent20Managementanddoctype=Spreadsheet

Management for Scattered Site Rental Housing (2009) by David Fromm and William Brett, published by NeighborWorks America for the NWA Training Institute (NTI).

HUD NSP Resource Exchange Single-Family Rental Toolkit.This HUD website offers many useful templates for developing and managing single-family homes as rental with Neighborhood Stabilization Funds.Templates range from program checklists to property management agreements.

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center: PowerPoint, courtesy of Brian Devlin, Director of Rental Services at St. Ambrose Housing, Baltimore, MD. [Link]


New Approaches to Comprehensive Neighborhood Change: Replicating and Adapting LISCís Building Sustainable Communities Program by Chris Walker, Sarah Rankin and Francisca Winston; published by LISC. Offers insight on the idea that it takes more than physical development to make real change in the lives of people and in the places that they live and offers a comprehensive approach to dealing with this issue.

Assessing Property Value Impacts of Dispersed Housing Subsidy Programs: Final Report (1999), by Mary Cunningham, George Galster, Anna M. Santiago, Robin E. Smith, Peter A. Tatian and Charlene Y. Wilson. This HUD report looks at the effects on neighborhoods and property values when low-income development takes place within a community.

Nonprofit Strategies for 1- to 4-Unit REO Properties: An Analytical Framework (2009), by Daniel Fleischman. This NeighborWorks America publication describes strategies for dealing with REO properties within various neighborhood types.

Comprehensive Housing Market Analyses. A website where HUD has collected a number of reports associated with market analysis in various geographies across the U. S.


Homes for Everyone: Universal Design Principles in Practice (1996) a HUD report that provides useful information on building and rehabilitating homes using universal design


Resident Services Step-By-Step, an Enterprise Community Partners manual that helps you determine what services would most benefit your residents, how to fund, staff, design, implement, partner and measure the effectiveness of those services. Provides helpful sample


Example of Services Provided to Scattered-Site Tenants by Beyond Housing, St. Louis, MO.[Link]


Barriers to Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing (2001), a HUD report which analyzing the value of and barriers to, rehabilitation of older housing stock. Developed through a cooperative agreement with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Authored by Edward J. Bloustein, Barbara Listokin; and David Listokin.


Responsible Lease-Purchase: A Review of the Practice and Research Literature on Nonprofit Programs (2010 by Dan Immergluck and Philip Schaeffing), published by the Social Science Research Network.


Lesson from Ten Years of Lease to Purchase (2010 by Bill Goldsmith and Cindy Holler. Discusses a number of best practices learned through experience with lease purchase.


Underwriting Considerations and Guidelines for Lease-Purchase Programs. This document was developed by Ben Greenberg of Community Housing Capital.Included with permission from Mr. Greenberg.[Link]


Financing Mechanisms for Affordable Housing (2007), an Enterprise Community Partners publication by Peter Werwath. Describes a variety of ways to fund affordable housing:††

Long-Term Low Income Housing Tax Credit Policy Questions (2010) by Eric S. Belsky and Meg Nipson of the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Discusses opportunities and challenges associated with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program and the corresponding policy implications.

Alternative Financing Models - Hybrids of Homeownership Lease Purchase Housing (2007), an Enterprise Community Partners publication by Peter Werwath.Discusses the role of lease purchase models in providing homeownership opportunities to households that would otherwise not qualify for a mortgage. &doctype=Spreadsheet


Lesson from Ten Years of Lease to Purchase (2010 by Bill Goldsmith and Cindy Holler.

Nonprofit Strategies for 1- to 4-Unit REO Properties: An Analytical Framework (2009), by Daniel Fleischman, NeighborWorks America.

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