Scattered Site Rental Toolkit:

Business Planning for Development & Management










IV.A. Understanding Target Renter Profiles

In this section we discuss the needs and requirements of tenants. As a part of your planning, you will need to determine what your mix of typical tenants is likely to be. This may require you to look at your market study and other data, conduct surveys and review previous rental housing experience. The type and size of houses that you will choose to develop and the location, amenities and services that will be needed, will largely depend on your expected tenant mix.

For example, if you develop your units to house single elderly men, you may develop accessible efficiency or one bedroom apartments with little green space to maintain; which are close to a hospital and provide access to services such as daily meals and transportation. If your prospective tenants turn out to be single head of household females with three children, then your units and services will not be a good fit. They may instead need a three or four bedroom single family house with two bathrooms, a fenced in back yard and a decent kitchen; which is in close proximity to schools and parks. Understanding your likely tenant mix upfront is important to successful program implementation.

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