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Public Policy

Our ability to be flexible, fast and accountable has earned us the trust of the U.S. Congress, the administration, financial institutions, local governments and nonprofit organizations.

We tackle some of the nation's biggest housing and community development challenges:
  • Access to affordable, sustainable homeownership.
  • Safe, quality rental homes.
  • Foreclosure mitigation and recovery.
  • Community resiliency in the wake of disasters like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.
  • Professional training and certification for those in the field.
If you have a policy, legislative or regulatory questions, email us.

We report annually to Congress on our performance, as well as provide feedback from the field on federal policies and regulations.

We also support a number of research efforts, including a fellowship program with Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. These reports and other research are offered free to professionals and the public.
NHS of New Haven increases homeownership

Rep. Rosa DeLauro shares NHS of New Haven's mission to build safe communities by increasing homeownership at the organization's 2020 annual meeting. 


In-Brief: NeighborWorks' Impact in Our Communities

Latinx family stand in front of their new home with their dog.NeighborWorks leveraged more than $16.8 billion in direct investment in communities in FY 2021, attracting $102 for each federal dollar appropriated. See our impact

A colorful home with fall trees in front of itFor more than 40 years, NeighborWorks America has helped families to realize their dream of owning a home. Eighty-one percent of NeighborWorks network organizations directly support homeownership. Learn more about our approach to homeownership and see our work in action.

A row of homes in a new neighborhoodTo combat the severe shortage of rental housing, NeighborWorks network orgnaizations work to expand the supply of affordable rental homes by developing new properties and acquiring and rehabilitating existing ones. Learn more about our approach to affordable rental homes and see our work in action.

An empty, rural street. On either side is greenery and farmland.NeighborWorks America and our network of local nonprofits work to build and support strong, vibrant rural communities. Two-thirds of the nearly 250 NeighborWorks network organizations served rural America in FY 2021. Learn more about our rural work in action

Budget Justification

Annually, each federally funded organization is required to develop and present to Congress a detailed budget request for the coming fiscal year.

The budget request details recent accomplishments, how the organization spent previously appropriated money and what the organization expects to accomplish with new funds. All requests are included in the President's budget, which is presented to Congress every year.

Reports to Congress

In line with our commitment to transparency and our fiduciary duty, we produce annual reports to Congress on our yearly performance. We also produce an annual report for the public each year.
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