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Building community, because we’re stronger together

“Home” is not just the building where we live, but also the community that surrounds and supports us.  Neighbors who care, businesses that serve, and amenities that nourish are what each of us seek when we choose where to live and work. The keys to success? Combining national and local expertise and resources with residents’ energy, ingenuity and commitment.

At the national level, NeighborWorks serves as one of the largest investors in comprehensive, place-based and resident-led efforts — supporting local initiatives through grants, capacity-building and training to accelerate opportunities and empower local leaders. We cultivate pipelines of well-developed, local plans from across the country and leverage a robust infrastructure to deliver targeted financial and technical support for implementation.

Together with the NeighborWorks network, we partner with residents and community stakeholders to develop and implement local strategies developed by people whose experience in the community shape their visions and understanding of what it will take to create desired change. We equip organizations to work across sectors, connect their strategies to community-led plans, assess long-term change and elevate stories of impact.

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