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Buying a home is one of life's biggest decisions and financial investments. It can be intimidating for anyone.

Fortunately, our network of local counselors provide education and assistance for homebuyers so they can confidently purchase homes that are affordable for the long term.

A recent study commissioned by NeighborWorks showed that homebuyers who work with our network organizations are one-third less likely to become 90 or more days delinquent during the first two years of homeownership than those who do not.

Sustainable and Shared Homeownership

When homeownership is shared between a homeowner and a nonprofit organization, communities can prevent gentrification and keep homes permanently affordable. Learn more about shared equity housing models. 
Preserving affordable homes, closing the homeownership gap
NeighborWorks America's Chief Operating Officer Susan M. Ifill says that partnerships and preserving affordable properties are key to making homeownership possible and closing the homeownership gap.
Pursuing the dream: "This will be my home"
LaTasha Taylor, a single mother of five, worked two jobs and fought through COVID before closing on her new house. On Juneteenth, the people who helped her reach her goal also helped her celebrate.
Realities of redlining
NeighborWorks America and network organizations discuss the history of redlining, and how that awareness informs the present.
Find a
Smart, affordable home buying
We offer a network of the best homeownership counselors in the country.
Hear from Our Experts
Including our President & CEO Marietta Rodriguez, our senior vice president of National Initiatives and our vice president of National Homeownership Programs & Lending.
Professional certification
We offer professional homeownership counselor training and certification that can help you advance your career.

To further support homeownership counselors, we manage the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling website. We are serious about harnessing the benefits of technology and offer state-of-the-art software, such as CounselorMax, to help housing professionals serve their clients better.
Making homeownership possible through down payment assistance
NeighborWorks America provides down payment assistance to many prospective homeowners, making homeownership an achievable dream.

How Can Homeownership Centers and Homeownership Counselors Help?

Our goal is to ensure successful, sustainable homeownership for people of all income levels and backgrounds. This begins with educated consumers who have the tools, capacity and options to make good choices about whether and what to buy, financing plans and home maintenance.

A homeownership counselor can help with these crucial steps! They're trained and certified to provide one-on-one assistance that focuses on your unique financial circumstances in an effort to help you achieve your housing goals. Visit our network directory for a list of NeighborWorks homeownership centers and work with a housing counselor in your area. 
Steps in the Homebuying Process
​As you begin your journey to becoming a homeowner, local NeighborWorks organizations can help you every step of the way.
Homebuyer Tips
Homeowner Tips
LIFT Programs — Let's Invest for Tomorrow
Housing Survey
NeighborhoodLIFT Housing Counseling
National Housing Survey
Our national housing and financial capability survey shows that most people believe homeownership has benefits but also feel that homeownership is out of reach for them because of their financial situation. ​
Buying Your First Home?
Learn the basic dos and don'ts of buying a home.
Get Started
Find a NeighborWorks housing counselor near you!