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NeighborWorks Impact

NeighborWorks’ FY2022 National Impact
Total investment $10,796,249,610
Total housing and counseling services provided 415,777
Congressional appropriation leverage $65 : $1
Jobs created and/or maintained 42,979
Customers counseled and educated 105,253

Margo Kelly honored with one of NeighborWorks' first Founders Awards

Margo Kelly, who held 13 different positions at NeighborWorks America and was there for its founding, received one of NeighborWorks' first Founders Awards. 

FY2022 National Impact

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      Grants distributed from core appropriation.

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      Rental homes

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      New homeowners

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      Rental homes constructed, acquired and preserved

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      Homeowners with preserved or rehabilitated homes

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      Homes repaired

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