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Nonprofit Leadership

NeighborWorks is a pioneer in leadership development for the nonprofit community.  Our programs for new and experienced organizational leaders are built around a holistic approach that incorporates:
  • Advanced Coursework: offering access to the latest and most innovative ideas and methodologies.
  • Coaching: assisting with strategies to apply learnings to your unique situation.
  • Peer Support: providing the additional creative thinking that networking offers to assure you are successful in achieving positive change in your organization's culture and practices.
  • Self-Identified Performance Challenge: focusing the work you do in class on the most pressing needs of your organization.
We offer four programs designed to meet the unique needs of specific types of leaders.

Leadership program options

Executive-level leaders

Our principal offering for senior leaders is our NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program. This highly selective, 18-month program ─ in its 17th year, with nine "classes" of graduates ─ is for senior leaders whose community serving organizations are strong, but who want to take their performance to an even greater level.  It is a program that equips participants to truly transform their organization.
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Nonprofit board members

Excellence in Governance is designed to help the boards of nonprofit organizations become exceptional.  Selected organizations explore characteristics of effective governance and leadership, as well as the board's role in improving organizational health, performance and sustainability.  Learn more >


Staff development

Management teams within organizations

Our Culture of Excellence program guides a team of employees within a single organization as they focus on a targeted challenge, while building or reinforcing enterprise-wide support for positive change.  Learn more >

Teams of peers across multiple organizations

Communities of Excellence facilitates collaboration and joint learning among  individuals from a particular geographic area, or across an umbrella organization or association, to enhance their leadership skills and provide a supportive peer network.  Learn more >

Executive Leadership
Board Leadership
Staff Development
Achieving Excellence
Our principal offering for senior leaders
Excellence in Governance
Designed to help the boards of nonprofit organizations
Staff development
Culture of Excellence and Communities of Excellence